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The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Office Furniture

Strategize Workers' Attraction and Retain

Based on the studies on office health, one-third of a typical employee’s day is utilized in the office. Given the many office tasks such as filing, typing, or receiving and answering phones calls, the most vital thing is to ensure the employees are comfortable and safe. The office environment affects the productivity of the staff, and that is why choosing the right furniture must be a basic thing to ponder.

Here are the 5 mistakes you need to stay away from while looking for office furniture.

Forgetting to Strategize Workers’ Attraction and Retain

Strategize Workers' Attraction and RetainIt has been proved that many workers start retiring from their current jobs after five to six years due to various circumstances. One of the reasons as to why they are likely to exit your company is the poor working environment. If the office chairs are poorly designed, the office space is squeezed, and the computer desks are non-ergonomic, the employees are likely to find new jobs with suitable working offices. In order to attract new workers and retain the existing ones, it is important to think about the quality and comfort your office furniture offers to the employees.

Failure to Consider the Workers’ Comfort and Health

The relationship between employee productivity and comfort is a reality. This is evidenced by the improvement of productivity after using the modern ergonomic office chairs. So, ergonomic design offers the major comfort, safety, and productivity. When a company equips the offices with the high-quality ergonomic furniture, it shows how much it values its employees. The workers will also reciprocate by working tirelessly and efficiently to achieve the goals of the company.

Failure to Purchase Office Furniture without Pondering Future Changes

Given the constant changes occurring in the business world, your office furniture must be adaptive to accommodate the changes that may occur in the future. You can imagine the changes in technology that has happened in the last 20 years. For instance, your office had a working surface at the corner to hold a CRT screen. Today screens are the dual-flat monitors, therefore, ensure you buy office furniture with a wide range of adaptive features.

Failure to Factor Service into the Buying Decision

When it comes to buying a new office chair, you might not hassle so much because you definitely understand what you want. You can just purchase it from any retail store as long as it is a reputable one. Where the issue of service comes in is when overhauling the entire office, especially after moving to a different location. It means you need new chairs, tables, stools, and other office furniture. Therefore, you need to have a dealer to handle the entire task on your behalf. The dealer must be accompanied by an interior office designer who is a professional in this field. These people must be ready and willing to select the perfect furniture based on your needs and budget. It is good to understand that these people will have a great impact on your business, not just the cost of buying the furniture! So, do not assume a dealer and the designer understands your needs without first explaining to them. It is vital to vet a few dealers and designers in order to choose the most professional one.

Failure to Consider both the Value and Price

Value and Price

No one would turn down a good deal, especially when buying a pricey stuff. This is human nature as we all love the bargain, but it is important to avoid choosing a product based on the price only. The value of a product may not be dictated by its price, in most cases. This is true because you can find cheaper products but they are of great quality and vice versa. When you are looking for office chairs for a good posture, for instance, it is vital to check the quality of different models. Since you have the image in mind, it will be easier to make a better conclusion on what to buy. You can have a list of a few best brands so that you can narrow down to the best affordable. Buying office furniture without thinking about the value it will add to the employees can lead to poor selection.

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Detailed Report for Commercial Refrigerators for Cooling Beverages

Commercial refrigerators

Commercial refrigeratorsCommercial refrigerators are somehow different from the household versions as they come with self-contained units for condensing beverages. The units can be operated remotely and are specifically designed for commercial use, with a variety of temperature regulators ranging from -18 degrees to +10 degrees Celsius. They are generally used in supermarkets, retail stores, hypermarkets, distribution depots, warehouse stores, and food & wine shops. The refrigeration systems come in a wide range of options such as vending machines, ice machines, trailers, refrigerated display boxes, beverage refrigeration equipment, trucks, and reach-in and walk-in refrigerators.

So, let us look at the fine details based on report insights;

Industry Evaluation

Commercial refrigerators have refrigerants that include R422A, R417A, and R507A. The choice of a refrigerant depends on aspects such as global warming, non-corrosiveness, cost, toxicity, inflammability, thermodynamic properties, leak-detection, erosional properties, and the potential of ozone depletion. In addition to the presence of refrigerants, commercial refrigeration system has compressors. According to a 2015 study on commercial refrigeration equipment, the market was estimated to surpass $31 billion in the same year. This increase was as a result of high demand for packaged beverages as well as expansion in the hospitality industry.

The increase in the consumer banqueting and the global development of retail chains has contributed to the overall growth of the industry too. Just the other day, we have seen the food industry formulating exports of seafood, which has led to a significant reduction of global meat consumption. This has environmental sustainability implications, from which manufacturers have also developed more advanced refrigeration systems to preserve seafood. In addition to reducing meat consumption, there are stringent regulations to prevent further manufacturing of refrigerators that contribute to high global warming.

refrigerators use a magnetic systemToday’s good quality wine refrigerators use a magnetic system that is environmentally friendly, with low maintenance requirements, and high energy efficiency that can save up to 30% of the total energy usage. Unlike the traditional commercial refrigerators, the technology behind the new models features the zero emission of greenhouse gases and reduced cost of operation. However, the growth of the industry is likely to be hindered by the increasing cost of fuel and crude oil, meaning the transportation of the refrigerators is expected to decline as a result of the high prices of fuel. However, with the zero-emission technology that offers environmental benefits, less hassle for the operators, and low fuel consumption, new avenues for transportation vehicles are anticipated.

Product and Retail Evaluations

There is an increase in the demand for the transportation refrigeration due to the growing international trade in perishable products. The use of commercial refrigeration is expected to increase given the improvement in technology that puts into consideration the environmental protection and the health of the end users. On the other hand, the retail sector is also expected to increase as the commercial refrigeration offers an opportunity to preserve the perishable products. Supermarkets and other related retail businesses are utilizing the new technology to reduce the infrastructure expenses and eliminate unnecessary maintenance & repair cost, hence maximizing on profitability.

Food Service Insight

According to the report on commercial refrigeration equipment 2015, the food industry is anticipated to expand due to the increasing international trade in perishable goods. The frozen food, sea food, and processed food are some of the key things driving the growth of food and beverage industry globally. Also, the consumer spending behavior is changing, and this has forced changes in the global food trade patterns. The transportation of perishable food has opened up the market for commercial refrigerators because the transportation vehicles must be refrigerated.

Revenue Share Insight

The 2015 report also indicates that the United States dominated the market with about 35% of the total revenue generation in the industry. The revenue is expected to increase by approximately 5% over the next 7 years, which is the forecast period. However, more stringent regulations are anticipated as the demand for energy saving equipment continues to increase. This is specifically geared towards saving on the cost of energy. However, the use of refrigerants with fluorocarbons has been banned in the US since the components have a high potential of depleting the ozone layer. The number of retail stores and outlets is also expected to increase as there is an increase in consumer spending, which will boost the overall food industry.

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Water Purification Methods at Home

water purification methods

water purification methodsWith the many ongoing public sensitizations on issues concerning clean and safe water for drinking, people need to understand the various water purification methods available. It is clear that people are lacking adequate information about the safety of domestic water, and that is why this blog is accessible to everyone who may need to learn more about healthy water. It is a knowledge sharing website, hosting well-researched content on how technology is being utilized to improve the lives of people. We have equipped the site with educational blog posts to create awareness about the health benefits of drinking filtered water.

Impurities Contained in Municipal Water

Impurities Contained in Municipal WaterSupposedly, municipal water has been found to have contaminants in small quantities. However, such impurities can be successfully removed by means of filtration. Health experts have proved that impurities such as aluminum, arsenic, and fluoride can cause serious disorders if ingested in large amounts. Arsenic, in particular, is usually contained in tap water. Scientists have discovered carcinogenic compounds are found in tap water, which can cause chronic disorders such as cancer. These compounds can be eliminated through a filtration process, hence making the water safe for drinking.

Aluminum has been linked to hyperactivity, liver diseases, brain disorders, Alzheimer’s disorder, as well as skin diseases. Apart from the just mentioned diseases, aluminum is also linked to other serious health problems, and therefore critical to get rid of the metal elements from drinking water. The effects may not be realized until large quantities are ingested. To be on the safe side, health experts recommend tap water filtration to remove the traces of aluminum.

Other harmful components contained in tap water are the disinfection byproducts. They are highly harmful because they can cause a wide range of cancer problems. They contain carcinogenic ingredients as a result of chlorine water treatment method. Many homeowners usually use chlorine to disinfect municipal water, hence increasing the level of carcinogenic particles. The filtration method is the ideal technique to ensure harmful things are removed from the domestic drinking water.

We should also remember that fluoride is commonly found in tap water. Even though fluorine is used in toothpaste, it can cause health problems when it gets into the circulation system. Experts have linked fluoride to many diseases such as weak immune and cellular damage, both of which lead to early aging. There is a lot of public sensitization about the dangers of drinking tap water that contains fluoride, and therefore filtration is the recommended way to ensure domestic water is safe for drinking.

That said, let us look at various types of water filtration methods;

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) Method

Reverse Osmosis (RO) MethodMedical doctors recommend reverse osmosis as one of the best filtration methods for making water clean and safe for domestic use. Simply known as RO, many homes nowadays have their own units for purifying water. Given the increasing need for modern homes, people are installing the most improved RO systems. For instance, the system with a 5-step process contains semi permeable membrane, carbon filters, micron filters, and UV light. Having an RO system gives you peace of mind because the home’s drinking water will always be free from pollutants, microorganism, bacteria, and harmful heavy metals. For those who want a simple Reverse Osmosis system in their homes, you can choose a relatively smaller unit that is connected to a faucet at the sink. This is usually convenient for both aging adults and children.

The Pitcher Water Filters

For a smaller home, having pitcher water filter can be a better option. Interestingly, they are just available in the local retail stores. They use simple filtering technique, and therefore relatively cheaper to buy compared to high-tech models. Pitcher water filters have activated and granulated charcoal, which filters out the contaminants contained in the municipal water. These filters eliminate the need to use disinfectants or chlorine, hence minimizing the level of chlorine in your drinking water. Also, these filters improve the quality, taste, and odor of the water.

The Distillation Method

For many years, distillation has been the common method of purifying domestic water for drinking. It uses a simple mechanism of condensing water vapor after heating water above the boiling point. The steam is cooled and collected in a pot. The distilled water is usually known as distillate when used in chemical testing laboratories. Distillation is capable of getting rid of heavy metals, fluorine compounds, and microorganisms.


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A Knowledge Sharing Blog for Smart Technologies

hungry' for information

hungry' for informationMany people out there are ‘hungry’ for information. Actually, they need someone to pump knowledge into their minds so that they can make informed decisions. Given the many diversities of lifestyles, there is a blooming challenge when it comes to making choices. These confrontations are, in one way or the other, as a result of the constant changes in technology. As the tech gurus usually say, “from our homes to offices to hotels” there is an element of smart technology that is geared towards improving lives of people.

Being a young and productive member of this knowledge sharing blog “”, one of the world’s leading smart technology information websites, I have written several blogs about home improvement, office setting and design, health and fitness, as well as eco-friendly practices among others. It is worth noting that knowledge sharing gives an opportunity that puts people in a common pool of information. This means they would work together as a team and educate each other depending on their interests of concern.

A vital insight is the traditional office sharing, which also consent to knowledge sharing. This is facilitated by various aspects such as sharing common water coolers, visiting one another in different rooms, or chatting while in the public cubicles. Also, the commercial spaces with paved patios can attract people from different offices and therefore facilitate knowledge sharing through one-on-one chats. Similarly, people at different locations are as well able to share information through a more digital manner. That said, this website allows more people to access information and leave their comments based on the information posted here. In addition to conventional office sharing, email-sharing lists can be distributed to specific groups in order to pass certain important messages.

However, both office and email-distribution can be a daunting way of sharing information. This is because the user may not disseminate the information while observing the social and hierarchical order keenly, given the nature of today’s communication structure. Sometimes, information may be disseminated wrongly or directed to a wrong individual or audience. Such mistakes that may occur during the pre-selecting period may lead to wrong feedback and incorrect update of the information.

The Concept of Social Intranet

The Concept of Social IntranetFor that reason, the concept of social intranet comes in. This is simply a method through which people can look for information in several ways to assist them to carry out their daily activities. This website is a blogging platform where visitors can ask questions and collaborate with other like-minded people. The site also consists of comment threads where people can engage each other in a conversational manner. In order to put a comment and get it published, often visitors may enter their contact, particularly email addresses for approval purpose – but not a must-thing. Interestingly, there is a homepage to which every person can acquire a link.

Through the website, a group of like-minded people can include knowledge as texts which are accessible by other people. However, the information included in this blog may not be editable by the audience, but everyone is allowed to leave feedback that can help to improve the already posted information. Since we have invited all people to ‘friend’, read, and learn through our website, there is an opportunity to subscribe to the daily, weekly, monthly, or annual updates depending on the nature of information you need. Typically, blog posts provide longer texts containing updated content, comments on development industries, and the emerging issues in the technology world. Such information is disseminated more efficiently via knowledge sharing blogs compared to email-distribution techniques.

Due to the transparency exhibited in this blog, people with similar issues of interest can contribute to discussions without discrimination. This helps all other future visitors to learn and understand different dimensions, especially the current growth in technological aspects. You can understand what kind of people work in certain fields and who embraces the knowledge that can be helpful for your needs. It doesn’t matter if all people are participating in this blog because you are likely to find the same information links shared on various social media platforms.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that this blog does not really require approval for a comment to be published. There is no limit or barrier to participating because we are entirely embracing the mentioned concept ‘social intranet’ – that is why quick sharing is properly facilitated. The “friending’ process begins with a single social conversation occasion, which allows entry to information sharing.

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