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Archive for July, 2006

NY Resolution 2006
Saturday, July 29th, 2006

I’ve never had a problem generating lots of words. I practice my ‘generation’ skills plenty as any friend would readily confirm. The talking doesn’t exactly get in the way of doing, since I do plenty too. (Friends would you grant this too?) However, all the talking has been stealing time and likely will to write. Hence, a New Year’s resolution that I held quietly to myself ‘til now.

Say Less, Write More.

Certainly, like most everybody, talking to people is a powerful way to develop an idea. A few times saying things to some fine ears w/ minds & hearts (this doesn’t qualify), and you have a reasonable test of idea and approach. Then it’s really time to put it in writing, where friends and maybe strangers can take and give.


These guys are the enforcement squad. Are they bad or are they sweet? Okay, maybe cheerleaders. One certainly represents, nicely, writing more, and the other apparantly represents talking more, but perhaps podcasting is actually just talking developed to the point of writing.