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It’s been a while. I’ve certainly been busy the last 6 months, but amusingly enough I had also wrecked my blogging software moving from one hoster to another . I suppose this is kind of the equivalent of “my dog ate my homework.”

Though I’ve never managed to be a prolific blogger, across the 5 years, I have participated just enough to have a grounded sense of blogging from both social and technology perspectives. Across the 5 years, though I toyed with hosted accounts at blogger, in different periods (& am probably going to keep using VOX), I’ve ended up being mostly Do It Yourself with blog software and hosting of each era:

  • Radio Userland, June 2002
  • MoveableType, May 2003
  • WordPress, June 2007

Of course managing this should be relatively easy for somebody with my technical background. Still it has been and is a serious pain for sure, because in the end it takes time, and there’s a drag created by legacy and a vague sense of what’s really needed or not.

Many enthusiasts because of how easy things at an individual level tend to be mystified by the challenges of getting new things adopted in large organizations. For me seeing how hard it is to maintain personal data across 25+ years of electronic files, even in simple matters like keeping my contact records available everywhere I use them and the 5 years of trying to keep my blog content as software and environment around evolved makes it quite clear why it is so hard to move enterprises forward.

And this is doesn’t even beginning to consider the fact that organizations are much more chaotic and well, multi-headed then a person.

One Response to “Blogging 5 years & Legacy systems”

  1. Deborah Peppers Says:


    Just a quick “hello”..have not talked to you in some time…Have finally completed excising Boeing and looking forward to a great 2008…would love to hear from you about what you are up to post Business Objects…